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Sociology Optional

Course Overview

The foundation course will be conducted keeping that student in mind that is new to the discipline of sociology. That way, conceptual clarity will be the starting point.

At the same time, throughout the course, each and every topic will be meticulously discussed in the light of most credible sociological works so as to not leave any important/relevant aspect unexplored. So together we will travel from the scratch all the way till the nuances of the theme under discussion.

The classes will be a unique blend of conceptual explanation and clarification with the help of examples from daily life as well as a robust analysis of the themes in the light of previous year questions. It will be a peerless combination of breadth and depth that will significantly add to the likelihood of getting a higher score in the optional paper.

Some of the distinguishing features of the course are:

  • The most complex terms and concepts will be explained in the most lucid way possible.
  • Examples from everyday life will be used as often as possible to make sure that the students not only understand the concept but are also able to explain and write promisingly on the same.
  • Visuals and case studies will be provided in class for a better understanding of the subject.
  • The lecture will be a blend of credible points and arguments culled out from a range of first-rate sociology texts.
  • For every class, the students will be provided handouts that will spell out the essentials through short and crisp bullet points. These handouts will carry previous year questions on that specific topic.
  • On every topic, crucial/vital additional information will be given to help you fetch higher marks.
  • The classes will be significantly inclined towards interaction and discussion so that everyone remains engaged throughout the duration of the class.
  • 15-20 minutes towards the end will be dedicated to discussing the previous year questions after the end of every chapter.
  • Weekly tests followed by a focused discussion on the strengths and weaknesses and suggestions to improve.
  • Specifically in relation to Paper-II, insistence will be on first-rate sociological references and formulation so as to score higher marks.
  • The teacher will provide quick and easy to remember references that will significantly add to the overall appeal of students’ answers.
  • The course is fundamentally geared towards inculcating sociological imagination in the students, the disciplinary grasp that, once attained, will make it much easier for the student to answer a question that demands application of a concept or theory.
  • Humour and laughter will always be within reach. In that too, more importantly, we will do sociology

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Our Sociology Batches

Sociology Optional Foundation 2023 | Batch - 2 | 11th October | Online & Offline
Orientation Session: 11th October 2022, 5 PM
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  • ​​Weekly 4-5 Classes (Monday to Friday) 2.5 hr to 3hr | 05:00 PM to 08:00 PM
  • ​Total No. of Classes: 100+ Classes
  • No. of Tests: 10 Regular Tests + Class Assignment based Tests.
  • The overall duration of the course is 4 to 4.5 Months

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