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GS Foundation Program 2025 - starts on 11th May 2024 | MGP 2025 Cohort 4 (Hin) starts on 20th May 2024 | MGP 2025 Cohort 5(Eng) starting from 26th May 2024 | PYQ Analysis 2024, Gurgaon  - starts on 15th May 2024 | PTS 2025 B-1 starts on 29th May | GS Advance Program 2025 starts on 22nd June | PYQ Analysis 2024(Online) starts on 17th May  | Ethics+ 2024 (B-3) starts on 24th June | Current affairs for Mains(B-1) starts on 22nd June           

GS Advanced Program

About The Course

The GS Advanced Program is a mentor guided mains specific guidance program. It seeks to consolidate and solidify your mains preparation by helping you a) generate relevant content required for mains examination and b) learn and streamline your answer writing skills. The 4.5 months program will ensure that your mains preparation is done with time in hand without affecting timeline of your Prelims preparation.

The Components of GSAP:

Content building Classes (CBC) - The classes will be held 4 days in a week in 2 hr + 2 hr setting. These will ensure complete coverage of relevant static content for all GS papers. The curriculum of the class has been curated such that you understand the locus as well as outer boundary of content required to be prepared.

Current Affair Mains Classes by Dipin Damodaran sir- The philosophy of the class focusses on completeness, content differentiation, and consolidation to ensure value addition to your content and hence boost your score. The classes will be held in 2 phases - October to February and then post prelims. We will have two classes per week before prelims and 3 classes per week post prelims.

Content Building Test (CBT) - These tests will be held prior to every class and in sync with the schedule of the CBC. The intention behind CBT are:
a) You come with an essential reading for a class
b) Understand the relevant topics for the class
c) Generate short notes and
d) Practice answer writing.

Mains Guidance Program - A tailor made MGP will help supplement your preparation. They will provide an evaluation of your learning and help you master the different dimension of answer writing. Feedback of the evaluation will help in understanding mistakes and reorient your approach towards answer writing.

Mentorship - Throughout the program you will have a mentor assigned to you who will help you a) solve academic doubts, b) simplify feedback from evaluation, c) track your progress and help you reorient your preparation whenever required.

Payment Details

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  • ICICI Bank Limited
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  • 401705000174
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  • ICIC0001129
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  • 16/6, WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi-110005

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