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Course Overview

The Mains 500+ for 68th BPSC Mains Examination is a fast-paced, content-intensive and question – answer driven model of covering the BPSC Mains syllabus in a time-bound manner. ForumIAS is fully aware of the competitive nature of State PCS exams including BPSC. To help students who are sincere towards their goal of clearing the prestigious exams conducted by the government, ForumIAS is willing to support these students. So, ForumIAS has come up with this crash course for 68th BPSC Mains.

Why Join Mains 500+?

  • #1 Strictly exam-oriented: The content and topics to be covered in the classes are strictly based on the analysis of previous year questions. The topics will be covered in such a manner that students will be able to deal with unconventional questions on those topics, if needed.
  • #2 Comprehensive Coverage: The course ensures that all the possible topics, relevant from exam perspective be covered in the classes. The only expectation from the students is they keep on revising this content so that they build answer writing acumen.
  • #3 Fast-paced classes: We understand that students who are going to write 68th BPSC Mains already possess strong foundation. But where they need support, is getting consolidated and high-quality content within limited time. That’s our motto. You will be provided with sufficient time for revision.
  • #4 Revision and Answer Writing Practice: The best part of this Crash Course is intensive understanding of answer writing. This will be inculcated as the classes are Q & A based. Additionally, faculty in each class will provide with 1 – 2 question whose answer will be discussed in the class.
  • #5 Mentorship: ForumIAS has been the pioneer in giving mentorship to students preparing for Civil Services exam. We have also been the first in providing mentorship to students preparing for BPSC exams. This has benefitted many students significantly. In this crash course program, we are again providing Mentorship to enrolled students.
  • #6 Comprehensive Coverage of Statistics (GS Paper 1): Statistics portion has been a pain point for major aspirants especially for those coming from non-technical background. The program will cover statistics portion comprehensively.
  • #7 Essay Program: The essay paper has been incorporated for the first time in BPSC Mains exam. In order to support and guide the students in this paper, we are devoting significant number of lectures as well as tests for it. It is important to note that this will be a paper that will create difference among candidates. So, one can’t afford to take this paper lightly.

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Mains 500+ for 68th BPSC Mains Exam | Cohort-2 | 1st April 2023
  • Course starts from 1st April 2023
  • A question and answer-based GS and Essay crash course for BPSC mains.
  • Medium of Instruction: Bilingual (Hindi and English)
  • Available in Online mode only.
  • 40 Discussion Classe

₹ 14000.00

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