Select Focus Group (SFG)

Test of Discipline, Dedication, Hardwork and Commitment.

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Let's remind ourselves with clarity how all the toppers and successful candidates are carved to become part of SFG program. We should be very clear that SFG is not a regular test series program. It is a test based comprehensive preparation program for prelims 2023

SFG is based on 5 Pillars of Dedication, Rigour, Revision, Merit and Discipline-

  • Dedication- It takes dedication and hard work to constantly improve yourself. SFG ensures that students remain dedicated in their preparation through daily tests and ranking system.
  • Rigour – Every Obstacle is destroyed through rigour. The obstacle of Prelims stage will clear through daily tests at 7am in the morning that too in the peak of winter season.
  • Revision – Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, but what you do consistently. Daily tests make sure that revision is done 'n' number of times.
  • Merit – It is ensured that only top 100 performing students in the entrance test are allotted SFG and students who missed by narrow margin are allotted RLG. Besides, the system of shuffling ensures that non-performing candidates are eliminated from program continuously.
  • Discipline – It is on the part of students as the schedule requires and ensures self-discipline to perform well among the cream candidates and attain confidence about their chances of clearing the exam.
Offline Test Centres
Delhi | Patna | Hyderabad

Select Focus Group level-1 Prelims 2023

Entrance Test Date: 11th December 2022 | 9:30
Registration Starts: 22nd November 2022 | 5 PM
Registration Closes: 8th December 2022 | 5 PM
Program Starts: 26th December 2022 | 7 AM
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What is guaranteed through this program? You will put your best efforts and build temperament through the journey of SFG program. What about results? You can be rest assured that if you survive this program and be among SFG students consistently, you will be rewarded successfully for your efforts. More than 90% of such students have cleared CSE Prelims and many beyond the IFoS cutoff as a result of this program.

About SFG

SFG is a Test Based Comprehensive Preparation Program for Prelims. It is different from other Prelims Test Series as it requires you to give daily tests and provides you daily feedback through ranking system and test discussions. In SFG we select a pool of extremely committed students as on the basis of ranks, about 50% of bottom-performing students from SFG are migrated to the reserve list on a weekly basis, and an equal number of students from reserve list (RLG) are moved into SFG. 

How SFG is different from conventional Prelims Test Series?
  1. Tests will be conducted on daily basis:
    • Consistency is the key for the prelims – tests on daily basis help the students to be consistent in their preparation.
    • All India ranking – Make student self-aware about his/her preparation levels and motivates him/her to score better in the upcoming tests.
    • Ensures discipline among the students.
  2. Extensive coverage of static syllabus (NCERTs + Standard books) and Current Affairs linked static part – Questions will be covered from almost all possible dimensions.
  3. Previous year questions: PYQs will be included in the tests to make students aware of the type, pattern and difficulty of questions being asked in the previous years of UPSC CSE(Prelims).
  4. A subsidised program: The cost of the programme is comparatively lesser than other prelims test series programmes

SFG – How it works

  • Select Focus Group (SFG) is a small group of students who are selected by ForumIAS every year for coaching them to clear the UPSC Prelims Examination.
  • Every single candidate selected and retained consistently in the group with Top ranks has cleared the Prelims examination in the past.
  • 100 Students will be selected for the Select Focus Group, through the SFG Entrance Test, who will be required to report at 7AM every day 5 days a week to write an hour-long test based on a pre-planned syllabus, followed by a discussion on the same.
  • Candidates who are unable to make it to the SFG, will be maintained in a Reserve List, who can also write the tests. Candidates who couldn’t clear the cutoff and are unable to make it into both SFG and RLG can register for the 2nd Entrance Test.
  • Tests are conducted daily, and results are provided within 8 hours of the test with Name and Rank list for candidates to evaluate their daily performance. On the basis of ranks, about 50% of bottom-performing students from SFG are migrated to the reserve list on a weekly basis, and an equal number of students from reserve list (RLG) are moved into SFG.
  • The decision of the management in this regard is final and not subject to dispute. Please note that this migration is done not keeping in mind the overall merit list but moving away bottom 50% from SFG and picking up an equal number of people from RLG.
  • Thus, those who may be getting more than RLG students, but are bottom 50 in SFG will be moved to RLG.
  • Every month, the bottom 20% or so non-performing students are eliminated from the program to maintain the quality of competition.
  • All candidates writing the CSE 2023 are eligible to apply for the entrance test.
  • This year we introduce some changes as to how we conduct the SFG exam. Please note that changes that we bring are always in response to the examination pattern, the student feedback, and our own learning with respect to how to best enable a serious candidate to clear the exam.

Application Procedure

The program will commence from 26th December 2022, admission to which will be entrance-based. The Entrance Test 2 will be conducted on 11th December 2022 in both online and offline mode. The results of the Entrance Test 2 will be announced by 22nd December 2022.
Admission to the SFG and RLG are based on the rank of the candidate in the merit list of the SFG Entrance Test 2. Students can apply for the program by registering for the Entrance Test 2 by paying a fee of Rs. 700+ GST. The candidate must appear for the entrance test 2 on the designated date and time, subsequent to which he/she will be admitted to the Select Group or the Reserve List.
100 students will be selected for SFG - 50 from online mode and 50 from students who gave the test in offline mode in Delhi and Patna center. The remaining students will be selected for RLG. Students can switch from online to the offline mode or vice versa before attempting the first test. The ranklist of online and offline students will be published separately.
The candidate must pay the program fee as per the group he/she is allocated.

Note: Admissions to the SFG / RLG Group will only be on the basis of the merit position of the candidate in the entrance test.

No admission will be granted to the candidate without appearing for the Entrance Test.

What Our Students Say


There will no Batch 2 of SFG Level 1. There will be Level 2.

The schedule of SFG program is very strict. The tests are conducted on time and as per the schedule every day.

SFG Level 2 will start in the last week of February.

SFG Level 2 will have tests with questions curated mainly from NCERTs and some standard books while SFG Level 2 will be more difficult and will have questions curated from Standard books and other important source, Level 2 will also have CSAT tests.

Yes, a student can opt for both SFG Level 1 and 2.

It is recommended that student enroll in Level 1 and then go for Level 2, but depending on the conceptual clarity, a student can directly opt for Level 2.

No, the mode (online/offline) once opted for SFG will continue for the entire course. It cannot be changed in between the course.

These students are allowed to give tests and remain part of the Reserve List Group (RLG).

Yes, the student can opt for both SGF and Prelims Test Series.

Yes, the offline centers for entrance tests and regular tests will be same under SFG program.
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