ForumIAS Prelims 2019 Simulator Test Series

Begins with Simulator 0 | 31st March, 2019

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All India Open GS Test – Simulator 0


8 GS Simulator Tests + 4 CSAT Simulator Tests

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What is ForumIAS Prelims Simulator Test Series?

Simulator Test series consists of 8 GS Simulator Tests + 4 CSAT Simulator Tests.
ForumIAS Simulator Tests are the gold standard for Prelims Test Papers, where each Simulator Test is carefully crafted to replicate the exact pattern of previous years UPSC papers with topics relevant to current year. The difficulty level, type of the question and distribution of the subjects is stimulated.
The Simulator Tests help you test your preparation level, make timely corrections in case of any deficiencies, practice writing the paper upto 8 times before you write the actual paper. No wonder, more than half of IFoS Selected Candidates (where Prelims Cut off is higher) trust ForumIAS Simulator Test Series.

What is ForumIAS Simulator 0?

Every year the first simulator tests is christened as Simulator 0. It is an All India Open Test – conducted in both Online & Offline Mode.
In 2018, 8,000+ students participated in the Simulator 0.

I am a student of ForumIAS SFG program. Do I need to join ForumIAS Prelims Simulator Test Series?

While SFG made sure that you have read each and every page of recommended text book for the exam; Simulator tests help harnessing the knowledge you have built through SFG. The Simulator differ from the SFG because you do not have questions from
You also get to write the papers in examination mode with a tough competitive pool of aspirants. 3600+ students joined Simulator Test Series last year in which around 2000 wrote the exam in regular manner.

What all will you get in ForumIAS Simulator Test Series?

Apart from tests, you will receive for every test:
  • Detailed Solutions
  • Classroom discussions
  • All India Ranking
  • Analysis to provide an insight into your own performance as well as that of your competition.
Generally held 70 days before the Prelims Test it provides you a platform to gauge your preparedness for the exam as well as the preparedness of your competition. This will help you to take corrective steps in endeavor to excel in the final exam.

I have joined other test series, how will I benefit from Simulator Test Series?

The Simulator Tests aims to remove the unpredictability in the Prelims Examination by preparing for any kind of paper. UPSC Prelims paper will no more be unpredictable for you. It also has the choices of questions – ensuring that only the most relevant and expected questions are asked, thus ensuring you add to both your knowledge base as well as problem solving skills. Over the 9 papers you get to revise over 900 important and relevant topics for year 2019.
One of the best feedbacks we received for our Prelims 2018 Simulator Test Series from a student appearing for Interview this year was:

"The UPSC Prelims Paper of 2018 felt as if I was writing just another simulator test."