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What make ForumIAS Current Affairs Classes unique?

It is not a newspaper class; it is an issue based current affairs classes.

The philosophy of the program focusses on completeness, content differentiation, and consolidation to ensure value addition to your content and hence boost your score.

Completeness: Ensure complete coverage of Current Affairs from PIB, Hindu, Indian Express, Times of India, and magazines such as EPW, Frontline. No issues will be left out.
Content Differentiation: Ensure that value addition beyond common sources is done so that there is content differentiation in answers written by our students vis-à-vis other candidates.
Consolidation: Ensure that there is complete consolidation of content on various topics that are important for Prelims and Mains examination. Thus, preparation is not scattered.

What it is?

Current Affairs program by ForumIAS is a classroom program conducted in both online and offline mode and dedicated to the dynamic and challenging portion of current affairs.


Current affairs are the most discussed issues among the CSE aspirants, especially in recent years with focus of UPSC shifting significantly on them. Besides plethora of resources in the wake of online content, a general absence of a cohesive and comprehensive coverage of the current issues is often found missing. CA program of ForumIAS is the most trusted course among CSE toppers as highlighted in their testimonials.

Current Affair Videos

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Our Toppers


AIR - 23, CSE-2021

I am Ashish. I've been ranked 23 in the final merit list of UPSC CSE 2021. I was an online student of ForumIAS Current Affairs Classes (DIPIN SIR) and also participated in the SFG program for Prelims.
I am highly grateful to ForumIAS and especially Dipin Damodaran Sir for guiding me towards a good rank. Dipin Sir's classes formed the bedrock of my Mains preparation and also helped during Prelims and personality Test Thank you

Pragya Jat

AIR - 91, CSE-2021

I am Pragya Jat and have secured Rank 91 in CSE 2021. I was part of Forum IAS's MGP+ Test Series, Sociology Test Series, Current Affairs Classes and IGP Programs. The model answers, current affairs notes, test feedback helped me add value to my answers.
I am especially thankful for Dipin Sir's notes (+ classes) and Ayush sir's motivating emails.
All the best!

Preeti Kumari

AIR - 242, CSE-2021

I am Preeti Kumari, AIR 242, at CSE 2021. I was a CGP, MGP, Current Affairs and Interview Guidance Program Student at FORUM IAS.
I would like to thank Ayush Sir for his guidance and unflinching faith in me and Dipin sir for his Current Affairs classes which formed the foundation of my mains scores.
Grateful to the faculty and non - teaching staff for their support

Apala Mishra

AIR - 09, CSE-2020

FORUMIAS has been my friend, philosopher and guide during my tedious UPSC Journey. I Joined the Mains Guidance Program (MGP) and currents affairs (online) classes. Presence of mentors like Ayush sir and Dipin sir acts as a bonus. I am truly grateful to the entire ForumIAS team for being the building block of my preparation. Thankyou

Prakhar Kumar Singh

AIR - 29, CSE-2020

Forum IAS has played an instrumental role in my Civil services preparation. I was a student of Answer Writing Focus Group (AWFG) as well as Simulator Prelims test series. Dipin Sir's Current Affairs handouts helped me enrich my mains answers. I take this opportunity to thank the entire team of ForumIAS and especially Ayush sir (Neyawn) whose videos helped me in strategizing both Prelims and Mains preparation.


AIR - 92, CSE-2020

This is a very emotional and big moment for me, after giving 5 attempts I got success in CSE examination. Though it’s a long journey full of ups and downs but I was able to sail through it due to the much needed support and guidance throughout this journey. And I am very grateful and thankful to ForumIAS, especially to Ayush sir, Dipin Sir for helping me and guiding me throughout this journey. Thankyou

Shubham Mohanka

AIR - 196, CSE-2020

I, Shubham Mohanka secured Rank 196 in CSE, 2020. This was my 3rd attempt. I have been associated with ForumIAS for a couple of years and it has helped me greatly. I was part of the Current Affairs classes by Dipin Sir and was also enrolled in the MGP and IGP programs. The mentors are extremely helpful and their guidance has helped in keeping the preparation right on track. Special thanks to Ayush Sir who always made himself available whenever I seeked his help.

Sanjita Mohapatra

AIR - 10, CSE-2019

I joined Forum IAS Current Affairs Class for my Mains preparation for CSE 2019. The crisp and concise content and structuring helped me a lot right before the exam. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Forum IAS and Dipin Sir in particular for helping me achieve my goal. Best Wishes!

Pratyush Pandey

AIR - 21, CSE-2019

I'm Pratyush Pandey, Rank 21 in CSE-2019. This was my first attempt, and I'd like to thank the FORUMIAS team who played a major role in my success. I had enrolled for MGP + test Series (Mains + Essay) and I sincerely recommend it to all aspirants. The speed and quality of the Feedback I received helped me immensely, and inspired the quality of my answers.

Himanshu Gupta

AIR - 27, CSE-2019

It's been quite a long journey for me in Civil services preparation, and almost equal has been my association as a student at ForumIAS. I had joined the first SFG program, Current Affairs Program, MGP and many other modules of ForumIAS. Each of them has helped and made me much more prepared and confident for CSE. Thanking everyone at ForumIAS from bottom of my heart.

Navneet Mittal

AIR - 69, CSE-2019

I have been a student of Forum IAS since 2018. In my first attempt, I had no idea of answer writing. I joined MGP after Prelims. To my luck, every answer was checked in great detail and it improved my skills a lot due to which I secured one of the highest marks in GS. I am especially thankful to Ayush sir for personal guidance and Dipin sir for current affairs classes. Thank You Forum IAS

Moomal Rajpurohit

AIR - 173, CSE-2019

I Moomal Rajpurohit (AIR-173) want to thank the institute for guidance at all stages of the UPSC examination. Thank you Ayush sir and Dipin Damodaran sir for showing the confidence that you have, in me. For all aspirants I would like to say "be enthusiastic as nothing great has ever been achieved without Enthusiasm.

Amritpal Kaur

AIR - 435, CSE-2019

I want to thank FORUMIAS for providing the right guidance. Special thanks to Ayush Sir for always answering my queries and being a wonderful mentor. SFG Program for Prelims helped me clear my prelims and without joining that I would not have been able to clear the exam. Also, special thanks to Dipin Sir for wonderful current affairs classes which provided me the basic clarity about a lot of topics.

Himanshu Gupta

AIR - 27, CSE-2018

It's been quite a long journey for me in the civil services preparation, and almost equally long has been my association as a student with ForumIAS. I had joined the first SFG-programme, the Current Affairs Program, MGP and many modules of ForumIAS. Each of them has helped me and made me much more prepared and confident for the CSE. Thanking everyone at Forum IAS from the bottom of my heart.

Minal Karanwal

AIR - 35, CSE-2018

I am Minal Karanwal, AIR-35. This journey of 3 years has been arduous & yet it has culminated so beautifully. And forum IAS has an extremely important part to play in it. Constant support by Ayush sir, Asif sir, the most pivotal CA classes of Dipin sir and the entire in management at forum has been crucial for scripting victory.
Thank you

Pratham Kaushik

AIR - 5, CSE-2017

I am Pratham Kaushik, Air – 5 in CSE – 2017 Forum IAS has been a companion in my success as the Current Affairs classes by Dipin Damodaran sir helped me in covering the vast current affairs in a short span of time. His precise and succinct coverage of current affairs right before mains exam made my preparation inclusive. I thank Dipin sir for playing a huge role in my success. Also thank you Forum IAS for your extensive guidance.

Abhishek Surana

AIR - 10, CSE-2017

I joined ForumIAS MGP program after prelims in 2017. And the next 4 Months in the program helped me a lot in improving my answer writing technique. A big credit to the mentors as they were easily accessible. Also, the timely checking of copies immensely helped in consistent improvement in quality of answers. The current affairs classes helped in enriching my content with quotations and keywords. Congratulations to the entire team.

Abhinav Shah

AIR - 222, CSE-2017

I am Abhinav Shah and I have secured All India Rank 222 in Civil Services Examination 2018. I joined Forum IAS in 2017 and since then ForumIAS has helped me immensely through my journey. There was constant support of AYUSH sir in motivating me throughout the journey, ASIF Sir's mentorship has immensely helped me improve my answers and finally Dipin Sir's current affairs classes were very very helpful. Thank you!


Yes, you will be provided with very high-quality condensed handouts to save your time, so that you can focus on understanding various dimensions of the issues being covered.

It is more than sufficient for CSE Mains because of its crisp and comprehensive coverage even for a 250 word answer.

Handouts of the topics to be covered will be provided in the soft copy and will be uploaded before the class.

Yes. Students will be required to solve some subjective questions as assignments.

It is advisable and recommended by many selected candidates that newspapers should form an integral part of the preparation. So, newspaper reading habit should be continued but the course will help you mould your orientation as per exam perspective.

ForumIAS cares about you and your results. So, you can easily ask doubts in the class or in case of online classes, you can send your query in the live classes as well through separate mails.
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