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Uniqueness of AWFG Initiative

ForumIAS has been unique in its approach towards Civil Service Exam and this is reflected in AWFG Initiative as
Complete coverage of the static syllabus through questions, discussions and answers.
Specific Arguments and Keywords for the issues from which questions are asked.
It ensures content enrichment for CSE Mains to the exam level.
Specific focus on time management as 7 minutes are allotted for 10 marker and 11 minutes for a 15 marker question within a brief time span of one hour.
After the Test, the concerned faculty for the subject will be have a post test discussion on writing the answer to all the questions. In case you do not know how to write an answer, or do not have content on it, it will be expected that you will be write the answer after the test discussion at home.
After the Test Discussion, Teacher’s crisp handouts / optimized answers will be provided in the PDF format in your portal.

The intensity and sincerity an aspirant brings on the table of preparation is what distinguishes a successful student from others.

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What it is?

AWFG is an answer writing focused initiative of ForumIAS where students have to write tests based on individual questions at a time with a fixed timer for each question as per marks after which the question changes. The test will be based on advanced list of topics provided beforehand to synchronize the preparation.


AWFG is the most exam oriented initiative currently for aspirants targeting CSE Mains. Besides, writing answers, it also helps to develop a strong and competitive peer group where the theme of Self Evaluation of this initiative can be integrated with peer review system to extract best results. One thing for sure about this initiative is that students who have developed a good peer group in this initiative clear the exam together.

AWFG Handouts

To join today or know more about the program just fill in your details below and our team will get back to you super quick.

Our Toppers

Shruti Sharma

AIR - 1, CSE-2021

I enrolled myself in the Forum Mains Guidance Program+ for GS and Essay Test series. The answer writing practice and written feedback from Forum along with "Best answers" and topper’s copies provided helped me improve my answers and get a high score in my General Studies papers. Ayush sir’s regular articles were also fun and encouraging reads. I thank the ForumIAS team for their guidance during my two-year association with them.

Utkarsh Dwivedi

AIR - 5, CSE-2021

ForumIAS has been an integral part of my UPSC Journey right from my very first attempt. The prelims and Mains test series have helped me a lot and I have referred to them in all my three attempts. One on one Session with Ayush sir for interview was beneficial too. Always enjoy reading his articles on the forumIAS blog.
Best Wishes

Mehak Jain

AIR - 17, CSE-2021

I was a part of ForumIAS MGP 2021. Wide range of questions, timely, evaluation of answer copies and concise model answers along with precise feedback has helped me in my answer writing. I am grateful to the entire Forum IAS team for their help and support in my journey.

Yash Jaluka

AIR - 4, CSE-2020

ForumIAS was very helpful during my interview preparation Ayush Sir’s good feedback is particular was very insightful. He also motivated me whenever I felt pressure before my interview. Thank you and cheers to the team.
Best Wishes

Mamta Yadav

AIR - 5, CSE-2020

I was a part of ForumIAS MGP (Mains Guidance program) and Essay Test Series. The detailed evaluation with remarks helped me immensely in improving my performance over the previous attempt. MGP comprises of sectional test for each portion of GS papers. This insured that I didn’t leave any part of the syllabus. I am grateful to the entire ForumIAS team for their help and timely evaluation and uploading of answer sheets.

Apala Mishra

AIR - 09, CSE-2020

I was a part of ForumIAS MGP 2021. Wide range of questions, timely, evaluation of answer copies and concise model answers along with precise feedback has helped me in my answer writing. I am grateful to the entire Forum IAS team for their help and support in my journey.

Karishma Nair

AIR - 14, CSE-2020

I had enrolled in Mains Guidance Program (MGP) 2020 for GS and Essay. The expansive coverage for questions, prompt correction of papers, topper answer copies, and valuable feedback on answers received from ForumIAS has helped me in my answer writing. I am grateful to ForumIAS for the same. Very grateful for the long motivating emails by Neywan sir as well.

Sanjita Mohapatra

AIR - 10, CSE-2019

I joined Forum IAS Current Affairs Class for my Mains preparation for CSE 2019. The crisp and concise content and structuring helped me a lot right before the exam. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Forum IAS and Dipin Sir in particular for helping me achieve my goal.
Best Wishes!

Neha Bhosle

AIR - 15, CSE-2019

Hello Forum!
I wrote 8 FLTs of Forum MGP 2019 (Two tests of each GS paper). The questions, evaluation and the marking pattern were very good. I found the model answers very useful, and apart from the FLTs, I also referred to the model answer of the sectional tests on some selective areas like Geography, History and Ethics.

Pratyush Pandey

AIR - 21, CSE-2019

I had enrolled for MGP + test series (Main + Essay) and I Sincerely recommended it to all aspirant. The professionalism, speed and quality of the feedback I received helped me immensely and improved and quality of the answer.

Varun Karnati Reddy

AIR - 7, CSE - 2018

I am a grateful to Dipin sir for his immense and valuable current affairs program which has benefited me immensely in general studies paper 2 and paper 3 and also in Essay. A ForumIAS student,
You’re next. We are with you

Varnit Negi

AIR - 13, CSE - 2018

Any success is supported by multiple pillars. FORUM IAS was one such pillar in my success story. Thank you Ayush Sir for your time, support and timey blogposts which helped me to keep myself motivated. Asif sir guidance for improving my answers and Dipin sir expert analysis of current affairs to were extremely helpful. I would like to thank the entire Forum IAS fraternity for believing in me.

Ankita Choudhary

AIR - 14, CSE-2018

I joined forum IAS Academy after my prelims for mains Test series programme. I am very grateful to Asif sir for his mentorship during my mains and then for Interview as I was also part of ForumIAS Interview guidance Programme. I can recall one of Panel member at Forum telling me. I would be in Top 20s. I am very grateful for everyone's support and confidence in me and for all the help at ForumIAS.
Thankyou Everyone

Saloni Khemka

AIR - 27, CSE - 2018

CSE mains 2018 proved to be a game changer for me. I tried to correct my strategy from previous years. The current Affairs at FORUM IAS really helped me with it especially organization and presentation of notes which was mirrored in my own answers in the exam. Please continue with the amazing work.
Thank You

Durishetty Anudeep

AIR-1, CSE - 2017

I had enrolled Main Guidance programme+ of FraumIAS academy for my G5 and Essay test series. The feedback from ForumIAS mentors – Ayush sir and Asif sir – was very useful in making me realize mistakes in answer writing so that I rectify them. I also found Ayush sir post exam discussion incredibly helpful. Because of such feedback, I could greatly improve my writing speed, presentation and answer content. I am grateful to Ayush sir, Asif sir and the entire ForumIAS Academy

Pratham Kaushik

AIR - 5, CSE-2017

I am Pratham Kaushik, Air – 5 in CSE – 2017 Forum IAS has been a companion in my success as the Current Affairs classes by Dipin Damodaran sir helped me in covering the vast current affairs in a short span of time. His precise and succinct coverage of current affairs right before mains exam made my preparation inclusive. I thank Dipin sir for playing a huge role in my success. Also thank you Forum IAS for your extensive guidance.

Anubhav Singh

AIR - 8, CSE - 2017

I am Anubhav Singh. I have secured AIR 8 CSE -2017. I had taken ForumIAS’s Maine Guidance Programme (MGP) and also the Interview Guidance Programme. They both were very helpful and helped me in improving my performance. The guidance provided by Asif sir and Ayush sir was fo immense importance. I thank them for their effort.

Abhishek Surana

AIR - 10, CSE-2017

I joined ForumIAS MGP program after prelims in 2017. And the next 4 Months in the program helped me a lot in improving my answer writing technique. A big credit to the mentors as they were easily accessible. Also, the timely checking of copies immensely helped in consistent improvement in quality of answers. The current affairs classes helped in enriching my content with quotations and keywords. Congratulations to the entire team.


AWFG ensures that CSE Mains aspirants have done intensive answer writing practice before entering actual exam hall.

This program relies on self-evaluation of answers by aspirants on the basis of test discussion, online model answers and a healthy peer review system.

In the online mode, it will be conducted through a LIVE link shared with you through a Zoom or Microsoft Teams call. You will be able to see the whiteboard and the faculty as well as other students. The questions will be displayed on the screen for you, and will change after the passage of time.

For offline students, there will be Mentor in the classroom which will display the Questions on the whiteboard, with a timer that will run about 7 minutes for a 10 marker, and 11 minutes for a 15 marker. At the end of about an hour, the test will end.

Admissions to the program will be based on an Entrance Test. You must register for the entrance in case you want to join the program. There will also be a fee for appearing in the Entrance Test.

A list of topics will be provided before exam for preparation. If anyone doesn't know the answer in the tests, he/she can rewrite after test discussion.
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