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Application Open: May 1 – June 7, 2018*



The goal of the ForumIAS 2019 Focused Foundation Program is to embark serious Civil Services Aspirants on a complete 1 year training program so as to prepare them for clearing the Civil Services Examination in a single attempt. Success in Civil Services Examination is not merely a function of hard work. It is also a matter of right guidance, good notes, teaching, discipline, patience, writing skills development and motivation. The Focused Foundation Program aims to achieve the best of these.

AIR - 1 Anudeep
AIR - 5 Pratham kaushik
AIR - 8 Anubhav Singh
AIR - 10 Abhishek Surana



If Pullela Gopichand, merely provided classes and a reading manual on how to play Badminton, we would probably not have Saina Nehwal. Nor P V Sindhu. P. Gopichand coached them. There is a difference. Because coaching is much more than teaching

Why does it take years for some people to clear the Civil Services Examination?

Anudeep, secured Rank 1 in the Civil Services Examination this year. He joined us in his fifth attempt. So did Siddharth Jain, who secured Rank 11 in his fifth attempt. They cleared the examination in the year they joined us.

Why did it take so long to get the three letters behind your name? Why does it take long?

One, because CSE Syllabus is indeed vast that it takessome time to cover it well. And Two, because Preparation is not merely about classes.

It is about a lot of other things too. It is about (a) learning to write subjective answers for three hours, (b) aptitude to solve Multiple Choice Questions (c) making the right decisions as to what to study, and what not to study, (d) making right decisions on the exam day on the choice of attempts– an rehearsing those decisions before the exam day (e) having a competitive peer group (f) having a mentor guide you through the process when you get stuck (g) inculcating discipline and (h) doing the same things on daily basis, and (i) forming life-changing habits.

All in the same year. This is the key primary reason why people take more than a year to clear the examination.

What does the Focused Foundation program do?

At ForumIAS Focused Foundation, we put candidates through a rigorous one year schedule, that requires them to attend classes, do self-study in the library , write daily tests ( for short durations ), attend corrective workshops – for answer writing improvement, reading the newspaper, solving MCQs – and inculcates the discipline needed to clear this examination.

Study Plans are provided weekly in advance, and candidates are required to follow it with measurable outcomes. Because whatever is measurable, is improvable.

But that’s not all. The FFP also provides for Parents / Mentor Meeting as and when Parents want to ascertain how their wards are performing.

We built ForumIAS Academy on the idea that it will solve preparation problems for the candidates. We have the unique distinction of having Rank 1 of both Civil Services – Anudeep and Indian Forest Services – Vaibhav - in the same year.


The ForumIAS 2019 Focussed Foundation Program brings in the best of our top programs – here is how.

A. Foundation Building Classes: The Foundation Building classes will take issues from the basics, so that they are committed to the memory and understanding of students for the Civil Services Examination. With carefully crafted handouts, and regular assessments, this is the best you can get in India. These classes will cover Polity, History, Geography, Economy, Environment, Society, Ethics and Governance. They will cover the syllabus of both the prelims and Mains.

B. Weekly/Biweekly Current Affairs Classes: If the foundation building classes are the backbone of your preparation, Current Affairs classes will be what gets you the competitive edge over your peers. With crisp handouts, complete coverage of issues, beginner centric approach, and answer writing in every class, you will like nothing more in your CSE preparation that our Current Affairs Classes. Pratham Kaushik ( AIR 5 )

C. Mains Guidance Program ( MGP ): This program ensures improvement in structure of answers to optimise your Mains score based on your existing knowledge. Improvements backed by guidance from Mentors over a period of time and with each test, has helped candidates clear Civil Services in the very first attempt, improve score from previous attempts, and get a rank as well as upgrade their service to Indian Administrative Service and Indian Foreign Service. MGP Students have topped the exam and includes Anudeep ( AIR 1) , Abhishek Surana ( AIR 10, IFS Rank 2 ) , Siddharth Jain ( IAS Rank 11 ), Vaibhav – IFS Rank 1.

D. Prelims Test Series ( PTS ) The Prelims is the passport to the Mains. The Prelims Test Series is an important part of the FFP, where our students compete at the National Level, with thousands of CSE aspirants for the Prelims. Past students who were a part of this Test Series includes Saumya Pandey ( Online Student, Rank 4 ) , Himanshu Jain ( Offline Student, AIR 44 ) and Abhishek Chaurasiya ( Offline Student, IAS Rank 72 and IFoS Rank 5 )

At ForumIAS, we work on every program to make it relevant to the examination. We have single digit rankers from every single program.

E. The 7 AM Workshops + Library – The discipline element in Civil Services preparation. When a young boy from IIT Bombay, Manoj Reddy continually topped the ForumIAS Prelims Test Series – where a large number of candidates who have already cleared the examination write the test – we asked him what worked for him. He said – “Sir, ForumIAS used to force us to come at 7AM for writing daily tests. I had been roaming around in Delhi for past two years buying material, but not studying. Sir, it is the first time I studied like I studied for IIT during my plus two. Your compulsory attendance at 7AM brought discipline in my preparation.

The missing link in conventional classes is that they just teach. They do not coach. Pullela Gopichand would require Saina to report to the ground at 4AM. We will make FFP students report to the center at 7AM – ( which will require our team to wake up at 4AM) - ensuring that they develop studying habits, reading newspaper habits, the habit of sitting and studying 3 hours at a stretch. We provide library facilities* for the same. In the first two weeks they will be required to read the newspaper, and learn how segregate the relevant news from the non-relevant one. This is important – because most students who study in conventional coachings – still read political news / opinion articles that are not relevant for the examination.

Similarly, in the next two week, we will hold a 2 week 7AM daily workshop on explaining how to summarise news articles. And so on. So that in their journey with us for one year, they do what people do in 4 years.

We often ask ourselves, why did so many people this year ( Rank 1, 10, 11 and so on ) take five years to clear this exam.

Maybe, because they took 4 years to discover ForumIAS. And it took 4 years for us to tell our Members that we coach. Until recently, ForumIAS courses were only advertised on the ForumIAS website, and via email only to members

F. The Parent – Mentor Interface: Let us share something with you. India’s top bureaucrats send their children to study at ForumIAS for a reason. Because at ForumIAS, as a parent, you can always meet your ward’s mentors to update yourself about your ward’s performance. Because for most Indians, IAS is not only their dream. It’s their parents dream.

What problem are we trying to solve?

Problem solving is at the heart of everything we do at ForumIAS. We are working on four core areas for success of our students.

One, discipline – We coach. We don’t just teach. We discipline our students to ensure that their days in preparation at Delhi are actually spent studying. Young candidates, sometimes as young as 21 year, often end up wasting their youth years in Delhi, without gaining an iota of knowledge. We provide a disciplined environment for studying. Visit us in January sometime at 7AM , and you will see hundreds of students writing daily tests at a time when there competitors are sleeping. You or your ward should be writing tests too, not sleeping.

Two, Competition – We bring in competition among our students at the right time. ForumIAS attracts the most talented and the smartest minds preparing for Civil Services. And yet, since the exam is not about smart work , we make all of them work super hard, so that get success the very year they join us.

Three, Answer Writing Practice - If you ask Pratham , what helped him secure Rank 5 in the very first year he joined – he said ( the video is on Youtube ) –I had never written an answer before, and at Forum, I wrote the answer for the first time. My teacher made me do it. And perhaps that played the single biggest role in my preparation.

Four, Personal Attention – After Anudeep secured the first Rank in CSE 2017 , he took a flight and came to meet us all at ForumIAS ( video on youtube ). His first questions was – Where is Vinay and Jincy? Vinay is a dedicated ForumIAS student care staff who made sure that Anudeep did not face any discomfort when he attended our course online. Jincy ensured that his online mock Interviews were scheduled on time. At ForumIAS, we treat every student as if he is the only one.

Five, capabilities – At ForumIAS, we assure that you have the most capable , young people training you for the exam. ForumIAS faculty and Mentors have relevant civil services experience, and not outdated. We do not teach you things that used to come in the exam before 2013 – when the syllabus changed. We are highly exam focussed, exam oriented team. And we all are passionate about what we do.

At ForumIAS, we treat every student as if he is the only one.

Program Fees
Focussed Foundation Program ( GS Pre-Cum-Mains) Rs. 1,28,000 ( inclusive of GST @18%)
Focussed Foundation Program ( GS Pre-Cum-Mains + CSAT) Rs. 1,36,000 ( Inclusive of GST @18%)
Library ( Monthly ) Rs. 2000 only for FFP Students

Payment Options

Payments can be made through the following means

1. NEFT / RTGS / DD / Cheque / Online Payment at

Bank Details

Name : Stellar Network

Bank : Yes Bank

CURRENT A/C Number : 024061900002360

IFSC : YESB0000240



Name : Stellar Network

Bank : HDFC Bank

CURRENT A/C Number : 50200025905014

IFSC : HDFC0003818

Branch : Central Arcade, Gurgaon

How To Enroll?

As much as we would like to , we may not be able to admit everyone to the program. To maintain the quality of students that walk into ForumIAS we have a small screening process.

1) To enroll, you must fill up the registration form at and pay a fee of Rs. 100.

2) There is a QCA Booklet ( Question-cum-Answer Booklet ) attached to this brochure.

3) Take a print out of the brochure. Questions in the QCA Booklet must be answered as per instructions in one’s own language and handwriting.

4) This Answer booklet can be submitted by (a) scanning it (using the android /Apple app “camscanner “ or a scanner) or (b) by post to the below address.

5) On receiving the QCA Booklet, ForumIAS will provide bank details and payment link for the admission to complete.

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